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Slow-Cooker Italian Wedding Soup

Slow-Cooker Italian Wedding Soup

This slow-cooker version of classic Italian wedding soup is the perfect recipe to ease you into sweater weather. Mangia! MORE+LESS-

Created September 15, 2017

Make with

Progresso Broth


carrots, peeled and diced

14-16 oz frozen mini meatballs


cartons (32 oz each) Progresso™ chicken broth

4-5 oz fresh baby spinach

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  • 1

    Add all ingredients except baby spinach to a large slow cooker.

  • 2

    Cook on high heat for about 4 hours until pasta is tender and soup is done.

  • 3

    A few minutes before serving, add baby spinach and stir to wilt. Season soup with salt and pepper. Serve hot.

Expert Tips

  • When it comes to frozen meatballs, there is a wide range available. Most frozen meatballs are beef, pork or a combination of the two; any type will work in this soup. Many grocery stores sell bags of frozen mini meatballs, but you can honestly use any of them, as long as they’re not sauced. I chose ones that were slightly smaller just so there wouldn’t be huge meatballs in the soup, but it’s all your preference.As far as pastas go, again, it’s a flexible recipe. I think orzo works best but any small pasta (or even rice) would be fine.

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More About This Recipe

  • Believe it or not, it’s almost fall, and this slow-cooker Italian wedding soup is the perfect introduction to chilly weather and soup season. It’s a warming meal, but it’s also light enough to not weigh you down too much. Also, it’s stupidly simple to make and cooks while you’re doing something else.Just toss all the ingredients in a slow cooker except the spinach (which will overcook if you let it cook for hours). Then set it on high and forget it for a few hours!At the end of the day, this is humble comfort food at its best. Easy to make, even easier to eat, and ready when you want it to be ready.Also, speaking from experience, little kids like this soup a lot. It’s got interesting pieces in it that they can pick out and the flavors are simple and delicious.

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